Ultimate Creative Craft Board- the home of a totally new range of fun and inspirational crafting products

A totally new and highly versatile alternative to your average foam board, Ultimate Creative Craft Board is ideally suited to a wide range of craft, hobby, school project and model making activities.


Everyone will love creating with this multi-purpose premium craft board – available in a wide range of bright, vibrant colors.


Manufactured from our specially formulated foam PVC this unique material is completely safe and non-toxic.


Its color runs all the way through the material for perfect color match edging. It’s really easy to work with and can be cut, die-cut, embossed, routered, glued, bonded, painted and decorated. It can also be heat bent to shape!


Introducing Bubbalux Ultimate Craft Board

A range of incredibly tough and durable table protection mats for the craft & hobby enthusiast.


Manufactured from polycarbonate, as used in bullet proof glass and airplane windows, the Ultimate Table Protectors will save your valued table surface from scratches, stains, scuffs and spillage.


Creative solutions for Crafters, Hobbyists and the D.I.Y enthusiast!