The Ultimate in Surface Protection for Crafters & Hobbyists
at Home & in the Workshop

Ultimate Table Protectors


Protect your work surfaces from spilt paint, glue, glitter and other potential damages resulting from your hobby and crafting activities. Incredibly tough polycarbonate construction will act as an effective surface protection mat against surface scratches, stains, scuffs and spillage.

surface protection

• Clear construction allows the beauty of your table to shine through.
• Heat resistant to 100 C / 212F
• Complete with a water based anti-slip coating for added stability in use.
• Guaranteed not to react with varnished or lacquered wood table tops.
• Available in 2 large format size options;


CRAFT2949RA 74 x 150cm (29” x 59”)


CRAFT3571RA 89 x 180cm (35” x 71”)

These mats are not a substitute for conventional cutting mats.
Use your cutting mat on top of your table protectors as an extra precaution.

ultimate table protectors

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